database for missing animals

Search for missing animals

My dog ​​has run away, my cat has disappeared, my horse is missing …

What should I do now?

Do you have any idea how many times we’ve heard that?

That was also the decisive point at which we decided in 2005 to found the “Chipzentrale”. Back then it was a rather simple database for runaway animals with a very limited search function. A lot has happened since then. Chipzentrale 2020 is a “state of the art” multilingual database and search engine for missing animals.

database for missing animals
Theb feeling of having someone that cares…

The only purpose of this Website is to bring people and animals back together , with the greatest possible anonymity of the registered users and their animals. Nothing, absolutely nothing that the user does not want is published and can not be found by anyone !

To be very clear:

  • By default, no “profiles” are published on our website!
  • Our website is primarily a search engine for missing animals!
  • Your data is stored on our SSL encrypted server!
  • Your entry is completely anonymous and will not be visible to anyone by default!
  • Animal profiles are only displayed after a matching search!
  • ONLY data can be searched, found and displayed that the user approves!

OK, but now to the most important thing!

Is it even necessary to have a chip implanted in an animal?

Well, it depends in which country you live and of course which animal you have.

In some countries it is mandatory to provide every dog ​​older than 6 months with a transponder, often referred to as a microchip. In many countries, on the other hand, only dog breeds classified as “dangerous” need a chip. So whether or not your pet needs a microchip depends on many different legal factors.

As a responsible pet owner, you should still let your darling, whether dog, cat, rabbit or horse, insert a transponder chip, because “better safe than sorry” .

Of course, it is not necessary that your pet has a microchip to enter it here. Since our sophisticated search engine masters a large number of query algorithms, it can also search for entries of names, addresses, telephone numbers, animal names, tattoo numbers, even for special characteristics that an animal has.

Of course, only if you explicitly allow this data to be searched.

Whether on vacation or at home.
Your data can be accessed from anywhere in the world and in almost all languages.

And that 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year.

So why should you add your darling to our database?

The answer to this is simple, because in no other database there are so many possibilities to be found and contacted directly as in the chip center. Your darling appears in most local databases, but if the worst comes to the worst, you first have to contact the database operator, who then informs the owner of the pet that the pet has been found.

And the truth is that in most cases it takes a long time, because it’s the weekend, the employee in charge is off, sick or on vacation, and so much precious time passes , time in which your animal has been with you for a long time could. And if, God forbid, the “worst case” should occur, you even have the option of setting the status of your animal to “Missing” in our database , which immediately shows it in the “MISSING ANIMALS” section , and the profile including yours Contact data is also immediately visible for every visitor to the Chipzentrale website .

If you take a look at the demo page, an animal found would appear in the search results and on the “Missing Animals” page. Click here to go to the sample page for missing animals

In our database you can store a lot of contact details, which are immediately visible as soon as your animal appears in the search result. Of course, all information is voluntary , enter as much or as little as you want. When you register for the first time at the Chipzentrale, you only have to enter a user name of your choice , an e-mail address, the name of your animal and a password of your choice. After successful registration, you will be forwarded to your personal account, which is password protected and only you can see and edit it. There you can enter the data of your animal and all contact information that you would like to voluntarily provide.

You can enter the following contact details in our database:

Voluntary information about the animal: age, species, breed, chip ID, tax number, tattoo number, gender, color

Voluntary information about the owner: name, telephone number, mobile phone number, address, alternative email address and, if available, your own website, your profiles in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Instagram, but also Skype ID, Youtube, SoundCloud or VKontakte.

Hardly any other database for missing animals offers this service, and the importance of this arises from the fact that it is necessary, because …

Over 500,000 pets disappear every year.

chipzentrale database for animals
This wonderful feeling of having a friend …

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that large numbers of pets are reported missing every day.
Not all of them have an accident, because most animals reappear at some point in front gardens, in animal shelters, at animal welfare organizations or in animal clinics. Many animals, especially many dogs, are caught by the “animal mafia” and then offered for sale at various markets or motorway rest stops .


The good thing is that there are often many animal rights activists in these places, and they almost always have an electronic chip reader with them. So if your animal has a transponder chip implanted and this is read on site, every second really counts to determine the identity of the owner and then to contact him IMMEDIATELY, even before the thieves can leave the field and your animal may disappear forever .

But this is where the real problem lies, because which database your animal is registered in is up to your veterinarian. Normally, your pet is registered in one of the many decentralized, local databases and is therefore practically undetectable for the rest of the world, as not all registration offices are networked and certainly do not cooperate optimally with one another.

For this reason, it is extremely important that you register your darling in a central, globally accessible and multilingual database such as ours. Because let’s be honest, a veterinarian from e.g. Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, the USA or Mexico, certainly has difficulties finding their way in a purely German-language database, or rather a database in a foreign language , let alone one To perform a database query and then to be able to read the results.

But enough of the black mark, because the good news is that every modern veterinary practice, every animal shelter, every animal welfare organization and many private animal rights activists around the world have a corresponding electronic chip reader. With the 15-digit identification number read out on the chip, you can find out the owner of the animal with all his details in our database via the Internet within minutes and of course you can immediately notify that his favorite has been found. Because everyone knows that there is no better feeling than to hold your treasure safe in your arms again

Enter your darling in our database now.